Saturday, January 18, 2014

Millie loves her implants!

Millie has been a patient of Dr L's for longer than either want to remember! Millie had Dr. L.'s implants long before implants were popular. The implants are still healthy, 20+ years later. The implants continue to work well and support a great smile, years and years later. Millie is marrying and moving to FL. Dr. L. and his team will miss Millie; however, she will return once-a-year for us to check her continuing great progress with her bolt-on implant bridges!

Dental Metal Allergies

OOPS, golly, why are dentists, in the 21st century still using dental amalgam(silver-mercury) fillings? Don't they know that mercury is a neurotoxin, a poison? Yet how about giving children immunization shots with mercury as a preservative. However, this practice is being eliminated, thank God.

There is a history of patients with allergies to dental metals, even some gold alloys are being suggested to be causes of dental inflammations and dental disease. If a patient is considered to be a potential dental metals allergy patients, test should be performed to find which materials they are most prone to react with. There are more patients being reported to be allergic to titanium dental implants.

Titanium implants can be coated with a bone like material(those that we use), and the reactive index of those implants is less than the titanium implants.

There are two tests that can be performed for dental metal allergies, or any other dental material for that matter. One is a meridian acupuncture computer assisted test. Two is a blood serum allergy test. We have used both, on occasions for about 15 years. They are helpful, whenever a patient is concerned or has a question about dental materials, both restorative or implant materials. The costs of those tests are approximately 500.0.

Implant dentistry used to have ceramic implants; they were available in the seventies and eighties and discontinued because since they could not be submerged; they had a lesser success rate. However, we have hundreds of successful ceramic implants still doing well for our patients from the eighties. Wow, we now have another ceramic implant for patients that are allergic to titanium implants! It is a zirconia implant( the same material as zirconia crowns). It is a good alternative, but with the same limitations and risks that the all ceramic implants of the earlier implant years(fracture & movement causing failure before healed).

Yes, what we place in patients' mouths is an important consideration for their optimal dental and overall physical health. Call or email any questions you may have.

Ronald P LuBovich DDS, MSD, FIDS, FICOI

PS, Dr. L has performed research and published dental articles on dental materials; that is part of his passion in providing excellence in cosmetic and implant dentistry for our incredible patients!

Upper middle tooth, single cosmetic porcelain crown!

Which twin has the Toni, or in this picture, which of the two front teeth has a crown? Guess! As you can easily see, one space for the two upper front teeth is a little wider than the other side. So which tooth has the Zirconium porcelain crown? I do not know, it is one of them, what is your guess? I simply do not remember, it is one or the other. Which one is your guess? DRL

Dr.L. & Steve Wade CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist)

DRL cannot say enough great, and good stuff about Steve Wade, CRNA!
Steve helps the most anxious of our patients forget they were in our office for complex cosmetic dentistry or implant surgery. When a patient is fearful, or if they have any compromised general health experiences, bringing Steve in for operating-room-quality IV sedation is a great choice. The cost is wonderfully overcome in the safety of Steve Wade monitoring a patient's entire treatment. What is peace-of-mind worth? Steve Wade is a Certified Nurse Anesthestist, Dr.L recommends that Steve be there for your most comprehensive of dental cosmetic and implant services! Wow, forget your memories of dental care! Enjoy your smile result and forget the rest! DRL

An implant front tooth replacement crown is no challenge for an artist, like DRL

Suzan needed special cosmetic dental services. She had a front jaw implant placed, by another dentist, that created a very long front tooth, next to a short front tooth. It was not pretty. DRL's artful expression created two front crowns that now compliment her smile, and appear like nearly identical twins! You will see more of her pics, close up, on DRL's website.


Carolyn, before, old bridges, a  lot of  gum and bone shrinkage has occurred.Add caption

Temporary  Bridge

                              Finished porcelain bridge with pink porcelain.  The pink porcelain creation
                      enables DRL to make bridge crowns that  are the correct lengths mimicking the
                                          golden proportion of  esthetic  beauty. Only a little of the pink porcelain
                                                shows in a high lip line natural smile.
                                                              More Pics to  come

Lil' Jimmy Dickens

Little Jimmy Dickens, Pamela  Anderson & Dr. L sneaking around!

Art Show 2011

Sheryl ,  Dr.L's lovely daughter  is an artist, too!

                                               Ronnie &  Netta,  DrL's son & daughter-in-law
                                           Marty,  her art, &  favorite dentist---DrL.  Dr.L
                                                         created Marty's smile---TOO!
                                                  Cheryl, DrL's favorite hygienist and her husband
                                             Gary!   Gary is in our Ch 2 Commercial;
                                                   DrL created Gary's smile, also!
                                                           Dr. Carter enjoys the art, too.  She is in front of
                                                  John Murphy's art. Dr Lcreated Dr. Carter's  smile, also
                                                      Trish & Dr. Carter---Guess what, Trish
                                               has two of Dr. L front tooth crown creations, too!
                                                Ronny is providing the entertainment, in the background
                                                                  singing & strumming!  

                                                                Everyone had a  great time   at
                                                                    DrL's   art show!

John W

S. Whitely

Susan needed 6 implants and  28 units of  crowns, all zirconia.  Her smile was designed with wax patterns tried on her   prepared teeth.  Here  is her completed smile.   Susan is shown giving DrL a
                                                   bigh thumbs up for a  great  creation! 

J. Brown

Judy comes to us from Bowling Green KY.  DRL made  Judy her first crown for one of the upper front two teeth that matched the other.  Can you tell which of the two upper front teeth  is a crown?