Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Twin has the crown, which is it?

Gregory is a champion Rugby team-player! Unfortunately, one of his greatest efforts resulted in breaking off one of his central incisors, at the gum-line, through the nerve. On a Saturday, when it happened, DRL performed a root canal, made a post for the tooth, made a great looking temporary crown.

Now, 3 weeks later, Gregory has a zirconium crown for the upper left central incisor, indistinguishable from the adjacent tooth! Gregory and his mother, Ann, loves the result.

Our patients, when they damaged one of their front teeth, love Dr. L's artistic rendering of an identical reproduction of their remaining central incisor!

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Judy's before treatment picture reflects the wear that occurs after years of  Judy gritting, grinding, and clenching her teeth.  All of Judy's  teeth were badly worn down, and many teeth were painful.   DRL performed a smile design and re-created a new smile for Judy. 
Judy's smile,   before Dr. L's dental art smile make-over! Note, even though we asked Judy to SMILE BIG, she did not.  Judy was not happy with her smile and practiced--not smiling!

Judy's smile, after Dr.L's dental art creation!   Look, now Judy's  natural new smile follows the form of her new front teeth zirconia crowns! 
Judy loves her new smile!  Form and function go hand in hand with Dr.L's creations. A smile reconstruction needs to be able to bite and chew well too! . Judy's back teeth crowns are also a work of art:  they are designed  and created to  be in harmony  and  follow the movement of her lower jaw. What can be more enjoyable than the joy  a patient has in flashing their new smile, rather than holding it back!  Look at Judy's before smile picture.  She simply did not smile. Look at Judy's after smile!   Wow, what a difference.   Now, we want to help Judy protect her  dental art. We made Judy a  smile guard. Wearing the smile guard will prevent the wearing down of the crowns.  Judy wore her natural teeth down; now, we want to help her prevent the wearing down of her crowns.  We will help Judy maintain her oral health, and help her keep her smile healthy for years to come.  The use of a Hydrofloss and Oro-B  Sonic toothbrush use is recommended,  for great dental health. Helping Judy maintain the health of her dental art is a goal Dr. L. follows, after the completion of every patient's  dental smile art!