Saturday, September 10, 2011

David Loves his dental implant bridge!

Dr. LuBovich is congratulating David in choosing to have dental implants and a cemented-on-bridge rather than a removable partial denture. Removable partial dentures stress anchor teeth. David's failing natural lower front teeth were hopelessly loose with bone loss. Long & strong implants were placed and a four unit temporary bridge made, at the time of tooth removal. Dr. L. is an expert at immediate implant placements, following removal of teeth! Four months has passed, and David was just provided his permanent porcelain bridge! It looks like real teeth--another artistic collaboration of creation!

Janie had a smile make-over 25 years ago, and her smile still looks great!

Janie is both a dental hygienist & realtor. Twenty-five years ago, she researched who was the very best smile designer in Nashville TN, and chose Dr. L. for her smile makeover! Making smile makeovers for beautiful women is easy for Dr. L.