Saturday, November 10, 2012


Jennifer needed a dental implant to  replace one single tooth, the upper right central incisor.
This is an X-ray picture of the  implant; an implant does not look like a tooth; what is placed on top of the implant, is the replacement for the tooth. In this situation, the implant supports a single crown.
Here  is another happy dental implant patient giving a thumb's up with   DRL. DrL is over 4k in the numbers of implants placed, and he will top 5k soon.

Twenty-eight crowns, one supported by a dental implant.  Jennifer is  happy to be a member of DrLl's 28 crown club!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Joanna before and after

JoAnna wore her teeth out brushing too, too, much. She knows better now.  She also had a habit of sucking on lemons.  Both damaged the enamel of her teeth, badly. The pictures above show the damage. 
Here's Joanna's  before Dr. L. treatment amile!  Note how much older Joanna looks with  her worn out teeth. 
Wow, what an improvement an artist can  perform.  Dr. L is a great artist jus happens to be Nashville Tennessee's very best cosmetic and implant dentist!  Dr. L helped JoaAnna create her smile, her way!

JoAnna is not only gorgeous, now her teeth compliment  all of her! 
Dr. L. can create a gorgeous smile for you, too.  Dr. L's motto is to  "make your smile, your way!."

Dawn before and after

Dawn  did not like the spaces between her teeth. When she was in middle age, she decided: 
"I am going to find  a great cosmetic and implant dentist to make a new smile for me!"  She found DRL by looking for: "The very Best Cosmetic & Implant Dentist in Nashville." 
Dr. L. is an artist that just happens to be a cosmetic dentist. DRL was happy to design a smile that closed her spaces and still looks natural.  The smile designing process created a result that Dawn is crazy about! Dawn's smile was made "her---way!."   Dawn loves her new smile.
Dawn is looking forward to closing the spaces of her lower teeth, next.  Having a space free smile is what Dawn wanted, all  of her life. She now has her smile--her way!  Thumbs up, for Dawn's new smile.  She also has five dental implants, one of which was used for temporary bridge support, while the other implants were healing to the bone.  Even that temporary implant, turned out to be, a permanent implant!  Dr. L. "loves" closing spaces with natural looking zirconium crowns!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Twin has the crown, which is it?

Gregory is a champion Rugby team-player! Unfortunately, one of his greatest efforts resulted in breaking off one of his central incisors, at the gum-line, through the nerve. On a Saturday, when it happened, DRL performed a root canal, made a post for the tooth, made a great looking temporary crown.

Now, 3 weeks later, Gregory has a zirconium crown for the upper left central incisor, indistinguishable from the adjacent tooth! Gregory and his mother, Ann, loves the result.

Our patients, when they damaged one of their front teeth, love Dr. L's artistic rendering of an identical reproduction of their remaining central incisor!

When you need the best, Dr. L
 is your choice for:
                                                                                                   THE VERY BEST DENTAL ART! 


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Judy's before treatment picture reflects the wear that occurs after years of  Judy gritting, grinding, and clenching her teeth.  All of Judy's  teeth were badly worn down, and many teeth were painful.   DRL performed a smile design and re-created a new smile for Judy. 
Judy's smile,   before Dr. L's dental art smile make-over! Note, even though we asked Judy to SMILE BIG, she did not.  Judy was not happy with her smile and practiced--not smiling!

Judy's smile, after Dr.L's dental art creation!   Look, now Judy's  natural new smile follows the form of her new front teeth zirconia crowns! 
Judy loves her new smile!  Form and function go hand in hand with Dr.L's creations. A smile reconstruction needs to be able to bite and chew well too! . Judy's back teeth crowns are also a work of art:  they are designed  and created to  be in harmony  and  follow the movement of her lower jaw. What can be more enjoyable than the joy  a patient has in flashing their new smile, rather than holding it back!  Look at Judy's before smile picture.  She simply did not smile. Look at Judy's after smile!   Wow, what a difference.   Now, we want to help Judy protect her  dental art. We made Judy a  smile guard. Wearing the smile guard will prevent the wearing down of the crowns.  Judy wore her natural teeth down; now, we want to help her prevent the wearing down of her crowns.  We will help Judy maintain her oral health, and help her keep her smile healthy for years to come.  The use of a Hydrofloss and Oro-B  Sonic toothbrush use is recommended,  for great dental health. Helping Judy maintain the health of her dental art is a goal Dr. L. follows, after the completion of every patient's  dental smile art! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Jenny's trips to Nashville, from Louisiana  enabled DRL to make her smile,   her way!

Jenny's   before smile:   Jenny came to us from Louisana. She drove 8 hours each way to  re-create the smile she had when she was 18 y/o!  She said she did not like her smile.  DRL asked, what do you not like about your smile?  Jenny replied: 1) It is crooked, it goes up on the left side;  2) I do not look like myself, my identity was changed, when they made this smile, it is not me;  3) The top teeth are too smile, they do not compliment my lips, "I hate them and have hated them for 20 years."  DRL agreed, the smile was not Jenny, it was for someone else. It was not made--her way. Jenny confided to DRL, she often hid her smile, being self-conscious that she did not like her smile! Dr.L said he could "fix that, very quickly."
Jenny's after smile.   DRL   placed dental implants for both upper and lower jaws.  From there, he created a smile design pattern that complemented Jenny's facial features, and with her help, made  Jenny's smile, her way.  Note, the teeth have a positive curve downward,  often referred to a   "positive smile."  This smile duplicated Jenny's smile that she had when she  graduated high school.  Note the teeth are now straight across, they have a feminine appearance. Females have more rounded teeth, they usually show more, the front of the upper jaw grows down more on females than males.  This gives a female, a more youthful, sexy appearance!  No matter what age patient we treat, we suggest  teeth  made to remove 10-20-30 years from their age. Usually, our patients agree--they want to look more youthful! However, if a patient wants a more dignified appearance, we do that too!  We make smiles, the way patients want their smile to look! 
DRL's created another incredibly more youthful and sexy smile!   What  more fun can there be than to be an artist, one dedicating his passion to the pursuit of smiles individually suited for every new patient he sees!

Smiles are a definitive part of  all of us!  Smiles personify a patient's personality and persuasive charm!   .   Collaborating in the re-creation of Jenny's smile, the way she wanted it, is a  work of joy for DRL.  .  DRL always finds new joy in the creation of another new smile, made a patient's way, fitting their face, collaborating  with God in the resurrections of smiles,  the way patients like their smiles!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here's Dave's close up of his pre-treatment smile.  The two front teeth crowns are old, discolored and the gums have severely pulled back exposing the darkened roots. 
Here's Dave's new zirconia crowns.  We also bleached Dave's  natural teeth so he would have a brighter, whiter smile! Look at the improved color of all  natural lower teeth; this is a result of  Dr. L's tooth bleaching systems, and Dave's following  Dr. L.s better oral health and smile improvement suggestions. 
                                                   Here's Daves new big white smile!
 Dave first came to see us for a back tooth, toothache.  Dave had serious gum disease.  Dave wanted to keep his teeth and took to Dr. L's gum health improvements like a duck takes to water!    Dave has become an avid Hydroflosser.  His gum pockets have resolved 50% or more.  Great Job Dave!  Now, with an smile upgrade, Lori, it is your turn, next!   Let's get started soon! 


Tom came to visit  our office. It had been about 5 years since we performed a smile upgrade  with 6 dental implants.  The girls in our office are of the opinion Tom looks like Robert Redford (Tom corrected me, he said: "A young Robert Redford."   Tom is now a non smoker--he had a heart attack and now is following Dr.L's recommendation to stop  smoking for better physical and dental health!

Tom is a great guy, and Dr. L. enjoyed creating a smile for Tom.    Tom helped  design his smile, his
                      way.  Remember, Dr. L's motto is Your Smile is made Your Way.       


Doris has a tooth grinding habit. She grinds her lower jaw back and forth. Look at what  happens when you grind your teeth, back & forth!  The upper front teeth are knife edge thin.  The lower teeth are badly worn downward in an unattractive shape.  both upper and lower front teeth are worn through the enamel into the inside of the  teeth.  
Doris had two choices in treatment.  One, she could have all of her upper  and lower teeth crowned. Or, two, she could crown the upper front six teeth, remove the lower incisors, drop the bite down there, place two implants and make a lower front porcelain bridge.  This is the treatment plan that Doris chose. 
Doris  now has two lower jaw implants that support the lower front  porcelain bridge.  Doris  has 6 upper anterior zirconia crowns.   She also has a lower right  jaw implant for the replacement of her  missing lower right side first molar. 
Doris loves her  new smile!     Doris helped design her smile  her way!  Dr. L. and Doris give "thumbs up" to the Doris's   new smile!  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look at Robbie's New Smile--Wow!

Robbie wore out his ol' smile with years of tooth grinding. We won't show his ol'smile because he wore his teeth down so bad, they would not have been visible. Robbie is thrilled with his new smile, and choice of dental implant treatment.


This gentleman did not want to wear an upper denture and was losing his upper teeth to gum and bone disease. DrL encouraged Azim to quit smoking and helped this patient keep his lower front teeth.  DrL placed eight upper  jaw implants and made a cemented-on-bridge for the replacement of all upper teeth. The gum-line was restored with the same color porcelain, as his natural gums.  Azim's upper smile is great! Now, he needs to do the same for his lower teeth (note the old lower crowns and clasp wires from an old removable partial denture).  DrL can eliminate the need to wear removable dentures, with the placement of dental implants!

Remaking his smile...

Before--This gentleman previously had multiple implants placed in both upper and lower jaws by another dentist. Jame's previous dentist made the upper and lower  bridgework shown with  the bridgework shown in the above picture.   This patient abhorred (hated) his smile!.   He was referred to DrL for a solution to the cosmetic problem.

DrL diagnosed the cosmetic dentistry  problem to be that of the upper teeth being too short (they did not show at all), and the lower teeth being too long(the lower teeth showed too much). DrL diagnosed Jame's smile needs by making a smile design wax pattern. This wax pattern is tried on the implants, and a smile designed with the patient's approval.   Then,    DrL  made a new upper and lower porcelain dental smile for this patient.  Those after pictures are shown, below!

After--James loves his new DrL smile!   Jame's smile was made, his way, the correct way. DrL was happy to make a new smile for James. DrL always makes smile design patterns in wax, before making the porcelain bridges. Smile design wax patterns insures a successful smile result, every time!   This is a picture with his lips retracted.  The very first picture, above,(with DrL in the picture) shows the after result with a very normal smile broadly being shown off, by James! This is an example of  another cosmetic success story created by the artist's porcelain paint brushes!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dr. Tesa Reeves from Pulaski visited our office!

Dr. Reeves is a practicing dentist in Pulaski, TN. Dr. L is really impressed with this professioal's interest in continuing education. Dr. Reeves visits the specialists that she refers patients to, and learns a lot from these visits! Dr. Reeves is the president of her local dental society. Dr. Reeves was sure a welcome guest and we look forward to seeing her visit more often!