Friday, July 29, 2011

Collaberation in Creation--another DRL art creatioon, Joanna's new smile!

Joanna's teeth were badly damaged from lemons and sugar. Joanna had little choice, but to join DRL's smile make-over club, or lose her teeth. Dr.L made it possible extending her a special discount. Dr. L is happy to discount the usual cost of services, both for crowns, and also for implants. Dr. L knows these are difficult economic times and makes exquisite cosmetic and implant dentistry acquirable for our patients!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hibiscus Cake

Lisa Green, one of our wonderful patients, made our day, recently! Lisa is a realtor and her hobby is making "sin-sational" cakes! Take a look at this piece of art--and it was delectably delicious! Thank you Lisa for making me smile, with this wonderful surprise!

Visit her at:

Check out Lisa's number one smile! Lisa and Dr. L created Lisa' s smile, her way! Collaborating in creation is our favorite artistic passion!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joanna's testimonial - Dr. Ronald Lubovich DDS Nashville, TN - cosmetic dental practice

Video testimonial from Joanna regarding her smile design dental treatment provided at Dr. Ronald P Lubovich's Nashville, TN cosmetic dental practice.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hydrofloss users acquire significantly better gum health!

Wow! Hydrofloss users demonstrate they have better dental health. Wow, I would not go a day without the use of my Hydrofloss. No kidding, DRL knows, and has seen, the evidence! Hydrofloss users have BETTER dental health. No kidding, if you miss a day, bacteria take over and start causing gum disease. No kidding, if you use a Hydrofloss, accurately, and daily, you will have such great gum health, you will make your periodontist(gum specialist), compliment you on your better home care, on every visit. Keep the secret! You can have better gum health, without thousands of dollars in deep cleanings. THINK about it! If you have a 6 mm space and have it cleaned out in your dental office, and do not clean it out every day thereafter, will it heal? It does not take a rocket scientist--if bacterial invasion of a space causes dental disease, and if you do not clean it out at home, 365 days a year, how will it heal? Come on intelligent patients, if you do not remove the bacteria, how will you heal from gum disease? Come on intelligent regular dental flossing patients; will dental floss go into the space more than 3 mm(the height of the gums on both tongue and face side)? So what about the 0ther 3 mm? How do you clean it out, at HOME? Takes a little bit of common sense. So if your dentist does deep cleanings every three months, and provides no means of cleaning the 6 mm spaces out, who benefits from 3 month cleanings--you or your dentist! Takes a little bit of thinking, and our patients have obviously better gum health, obvious better healing of 6 mm spaces going back to 3 mm, every day! So talk with DRL about a Hydrofloss and the benefits you will ACHIEVE with daily use of a Hydrofloss. Become addicted to the Hydrofloss for better gum health. DRL says: "I will not go a day without using my Hydrofloss, I see the benefits it provides to my patients, EVERY DAY!.

Not the best, but The Very Best!

Pardon DrL's enthusiasm for what he does for our patients! We have been referred to as the very best Cosmodontist & Implantodontist , anywhere! It is exciting to be practicing and providing the special services we provide our patients. Cosmodontist? , what is that? Easy to figure it out, that is a take-off on a "Cosmetic Dentist." Smile make-overs are our specialty, check out what our recent testimonial patients say about our smile make-overs! We make smiles for patients--Their Way! We listen to what patients say, and make their smile--their way! More testimonials are to come! If you have a smile needing improvement, DRL will make it your best smile ever!

What is an Implantodontist? It is a dentist that places and restores dental implants. DRL has placed and restored thousands of dental implants. He would not admit to when he first placed his first implant, maybe, or maybe not--try him? I will tell you this, DRL graduated dental school at 23 years old, and he remains as passionate about collaborating in creation today, as he was as a pioneer in dental implant patient care!