Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Kandice was referred to us by an oral surgeon to place Kandice's implants and make porcelain crowns for the replacement of the four upper incisor teeth.  Here is her finished smile picture!

Kandice gives DrL a  thumbs up for creating her marvelous smile. 


                              Pam  was referred to us via a  Huntsville AL dentist for  the making of
                               twenty-eight crowns.  Pam is  thrilled  with her smile, all 28 crowns
                                    where DRL collaborated in creation to make this beautiful lady
                                                         a beautiful smile!

Saturday, February 23, 2013


A single missing tooth may be replaced with an immediate use implant, if there is sufficient good quality bone. David's upper left central incisor was knocked out in an accident. DRL placed this implant and placed a temporary crown on the implant, on the first day.

David's teeth are irregularly and masculine in appearance.  The crown DRL  made reflects the natural color and shapes of his natural teeth.  The space for the crown was  larger than  the adjacent central incisor.  However, the implant crown was contoured to make its appearance similar in size to the adjacent central incisor.

David gives DRL a  big thumbs up for an artist's job well done!  DRL  enjoys  patients expressing their satisfaction with a big  Thumbs Up!  Thanks David for being a great implant patient!