Saturday, September 15, 2012

Joanna before and after

JoAnna wore her teeth out brushing too, too, much. She knows better now.  She also had a habit of sucking on lemons.  Both damaged the enamel of her teeth, badly. The pictures above show the damage. 
Here's Joanna's  before Dr. L. treatment amile!  Note how much older Joanna looks with  her worn out teeth. 
Wow, what an improvement an artist can  perform.  Dr. L is a great artist jus happens to be Nashville Tennessee's very best cosmetic and implant dentist!  Dr. L helped JoaAnna create her smile, her way!

JoAnna is not only gorgeous, now her teeth compliment  all of her! 
Dr. L. can create a gorgeous smile for you, too.  Dr. L's motto is to  "make your smile, your way!."

Dawn before and after

Dawn  did not like the spaces between her teeth. When she was in middle age, she decided: 
"I am going to find  a great cosmetic and implant dentist to make a new smile for me!"  She found DRL by looking for: "The very Best Cosmetic & Implant Dentist in Nashville." 
Dr. L. is an artist that just happens to be a cosmetic dentist. DRL was happy to design a smile that closed her spaces and still looks natural.  The smile designing process created a result that Dawn is crazy about! Dawn's smile was made "her---way!."   Dawn loves her new smile.
Dawn is looking forward to closing the spaces of her lower teeth, next.  Having a space free smile is what Dawn wanted, all  of her life. She now has her smile--her way!  Thumbs up, for Dawn's new smile.  She also has five dental implants, one of which was used for temporary bridge support, while the other implants were healing to the bone.  Even that temporary implant, turned out to be, a permanent implant!  Dr. L. "loves" closing spaces with natural looking zirconium crowns!