Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look at Robbie's New Smile--Wow!

Robbie wore out his ol' smile with years of tooth grinding. We won't show his ol'smile because he wore his teeth down so bad, they would not have been visible. Robbie is thrilled with his new smile, and choice of dental implant treatment.


This gentleman did not want to wear an upper denture and was losing his upper teeth to gum and bone disease. DrL encouraged Azim to quit smoking and helped this patient keep his lower front teeth.  DrL placed eight upper  jaw implants and made a cemented-on-bridge for the replacement of all upper teeth. The gum-line was restored with the same color porcelain, as his natural gums.  Azim's upper smile is great! Now, he needs to do the same for his lower teeth (note the old lower crowns and clasp wires from an old removable partial denture).  DrL can eliminate the need to wear removable dentures, with the placement of dental implants!

Remaking his smile...

Before--This gentleman previously had multiple implants placed in both upper and lower jaws by another dentist. Jame's previous dentist made the upper and lower  bridgework shown with  the bridgework shown in the above picture.   This patient abhorred (hated) his smile!.   He was referred to DrL for a solution to the cosmetic problem.

DrL diagnosed the cosmetic dentistry  problem to be that of the upper teeth being too short (they did not show at all), and the lower teeth being too long(the lower teeth showed too much). DrL diagnosed Jame's smile needs by making a smile design wax pattern. This wax pattern is tried on the implants, and a smile designed with the patient's approval.   Then,    DrL  made a new upper and lower porcelain dental smile for this patient.  Those after pictures are shown, below!

After--James loves his new DrL smile!   Jame's smile was made, his way, the correct way. DrL was happy to make a new smile for James. DrL always makes smile design patterns in wax, before making the porcelain bridges. Smile design wax patterns insures a successful smile result, every time!   This is a picture with his lips retracted.  The very first picture, above,(with DrL in the picture) shows the after result with a very normal smile broadly being shown off, by James! This is an example of  another cosmetic success story created by the artist's porcelain paint brushes!