Saturday, August 13, 2011

Upper Jaw Sinus Elevation & Bone Grafting Benefits

Dr.L has been elevating and bone grafting upper jaw sinuses for 20+ years. This is a very successful bone grafting that is performed so dental implants can be placed in the healed bone grafting. Also, there is a significant improvement in sinus health, as a result of grafting the sinus--the sinus drains better! When teeth are lost, the sinus drops with gravity into the tooth loss areas. This creates a pocket for sinus fluids to accumulate in, causing the proverbial sinus infection. By replacing the sinus in the normal height, with elevation and bone grafting, sinus fluids drain better, and patients have less sinus headaches, and less sinus infections. Call Dr. L or email us to ask any questions you have about dental implants and dental bone grafting. I look forward to hearing from you! Dr. L.

Deborah's Smile Creation, her way!

Deborah comes for a Dr. L smile creation from Columbia, TN. Our parking lot has license plates from all over TN, AL, KY, and even Columbia, South America! She had a sinus elevation, implants, and 26 crown units! Her smile is super, and her sinus drains better, too! Wow, we sure enjoy a hug from a happy patient!

Wendy's New Smile!

Wendy just finished her Smile Makeover! She is a member of DrL's 28 crown club. She chose a smile makeover over dental suicide and complete dentures. Wendy and her husband, Gene, are both super patients, and we appreciate being here for their superior dental health!

Gay' smile creation, her way

Gay traveled from Chattanooga, TN for DRL to create her new smile! Dr. L sees patients from the east coast, to the west coast, for implant and cosmodontics! Dr. L enjoys collaborating in creation, with patients to make the smile they want! Gay is a member of the 28 crown club! Gay also referred her mom for implants and a new smile. We will look forward to showing Delores's new smile off, too!